Conservation Practices

The Hardin Soil and Water Conservation District offers the following conservation services: Survey, design and draw plans of water management systems and erosion control practices such as: grassed waterways, erosion control structures, water and sediment control basins, surface drainage, filter strips, animal waste storage facilities, and windbreaks.

These are a few examples of conservation practices that Hardin SWCD has installed: EROSION CONTROL PRACTICES, GRASSED WATERWAY.

Gully erosion

Shaping and establishing grass in a natural drainage course to prevent soil erosion gullies from forming. Gully erosion in a crop field. A shaped, grassed waterway will prevent further erosion.

Established grass waterway in a crop field after construction.


Grade control 1A rock, sod, wooden, concrete, or other structure built at the outlet of a waterway to prevent gully erosion. The structure drops water from a higher point to a lower point and prevents a gulley from working upstream. Newly installed concrete head wall grade control structure.

Grade control 2

Newly installed rock chute grade control structure.




WINDBREAK ESTABLISHMENT. Multiple rows of trees and shrubs are planted to protect areas from wind and provide food and cover for wildlife.
Windbreaks can be used around field borders, farmsteads, and/or livestock feedlots.


WETLAND DEVELOPMENT AND RESTORATION Retaining, creating, or managing wetland habitat for wildlife. The purpose is to keep, make, or improve habitat for waterfowl, furbearers, or other wildlife. Wetlands are marsh type areas with saturated soils and water loving plants. Wetlands also serve as natural filters for agricultural runoff. Wetland

Aerial picture of newly constructed wetland in Hardin County.


FILTER STRIPS A strip or area of vegetation for removing sediment, organic matter, and other pollutants from runoff and waste water before they reach water bodies or water sources such as rivers or streams.
filterstripThey can also be planted to warm season grasses for wildlife benefit. Newly established vegetative filter strip.