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A Message from the Sheriff

Welcome to the Hardin County Sheriff's Office website. As Sheriff of Hardin County, I hope you find this website useful and informative. I encourage you to visit us often as we continually update our website. This site is designed not only for the citizens of Hardin County, but also for visitors from outside Hardin County. It is my sincere desire that you enjoy your visit to the Hardin County Sheriff's Office website.

The office of the Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official in the State of Ohio. The Sheriff is elected by the citizens of the county every four years. This means the Sheriff's record is constantly examined by the very people that he or she serves. The electoral process allows the citizens of the county to have direct input into the way the Office of Sheriff is governed and operated.

In the State of Ohio, the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county. The Sheriff not only has full jurisdiction in all of the villages, cities and townships, but also he is charged with the following responsibilities: Court Security, Transport of Prisoners, Service of Civil and Criminal Papers, Extradition of Prisoners, Jail Operations, Law Enforcement as well as numerous other tasks.

I am very proud of the staff here; I believe the citizens should be as well. They do a tremendous job of serving Hardin County with dedication and professionalism. If you would like to contact me, you may do so at 419-673-1268 or at my email address.


Keith A. Everhart, Sheriff