(Administrative Adjustment Review)
The Adjustment and Review process, more commonly known as the Modification process, is the method by which the child support obligation is reviewed to reflect the current financial situation of both parties. The Adjustment and Review process could take several months to complete from the initial request to the final order.

To qualify for a modification of child support:
All cases may be reviewed providing it has been at least thirty six (36) months or three (3) years since the most recent support order upon request of one of the parties.

Special circumstances may qualify for a modification sooner than the thirty six (36) months:
See Request for Modification of the Support Order for circumstances that may qualify for a review sooner than thirty six (36) months.
Supporting documentation MUST be provided with your request for all special circumstances.

Possible results of a modification:
  • No change: (current child support amount and modified amount did NOT change by greater than ten percent (10%) - order remains the same.)
  • Increase in current child support
  • Decrease in current child support
  • If there is a change as a result of a modification, a new amount will begin the first day of the month after the modification was scheduled for review unless otherwise ordered by the Court.
How to request a modification:
Contact the county which established your child support order for a Request for an Administrative Review of the Support Order.

* CSEA cannot predict the result of your modification as support could either go up, down or stay the same.

Request for Modification
Adjustment Checklist