Allows the county auditor to value farmland at its crop production value rather than its highest and best use value.

Encourages farmers to keep farming and producing food which benefits us all.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Any tract of agricultural land of 10 acres or more which has been devoted exclusively to agricultural commercial use for the last three years is eligible.
  2. A smaller tract may also qualify if the tract produced a gross income of $2,500 or more from sales of agricultural commercial products during each of the the previous three years.
  3. Multiple parcels may be combined in order to meet eligibility as long as the deeds are titled in precisely the same name(s).
  4. Applicants must pay a one-time $25.00 enrollment fee, then renew without cost annually before the first Monday in March.
Please go to Forms / Publications to either apply for CAUV or to renew your license (under CAUV).